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Catalytic Converter Customer Service is Important

Catalytic Converter Customer Service is Important


Cypress, TX

Link to thread below:

I recently had one of my cats changed. I saved a lot of money buying a cat online and paying a muffler shop labor to put it in. Shop quoted me about $900...cost me about $185 this way. I was able to call the guys that run the online site, and they also talked a great length with me to verify it was the cat, and not some other problem.

The full service shop also charged a lot to swap an O2 sensor, even when I was going to replace the one attached to the converter they were replacing. The muffler shop charged no labor to swap that O2 sensor out.




Hi CjS,

That sounds like something I should look into! Can you share the name of the online supplier with me? If you rather, you can PM me. Thanks!



Online site for Catalytic Converter

I talked with and bought mine from

I called them a few times. Kind of an interesting's not a big call center type place...I believe there was a guy named Fred, and somebody else, that always answered the phones. Basically seemed like they owned and ran the place. One of them told me he used to own a bunch of muffler shops. Any way, they were very helpful.

Initially, I was just shopping to save on the $500 cat the shop was selling me. When I then told The Discount Converter people what I was paying them to install it...he suggested I shop some of the muffler shops. It's a pretty simple job.

Hope this helps...I sure liked saving the money.


On their web site, there is a link on the left side for "Why converters fail". Inside that link, are 2 other links. Very informative information on making sure the cat is the problem, and not just the symptom of a bigger problem.


That is an informative site. I like the fact that they prescribe proper diagnosis before replacing your Cat. It tells me that they want to sell catalytic converters but only if you need one.


I agree. It was strange working with them as I got that feeling by talking to them. Kept thinking..."what's in it for you if I don't buy a cat". Guess the answer is I'll recommend them when I get the chance.


That's refreshing. A bussiness wanting to be sure you need their product before you buy it. A lot of places would try to sell you both, because "if one is gone, the second one is soon to follow."




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Please support our site's generous sponsors.

Catalytic Converter
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Catalytic converters typically consist of a ceramic or metal honeycombed monolith substrate that carries precious metal catalysts.