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Catalytic Converter

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Catalytic Converter

Monroe Accessories

Monroe Accessories at LOW DISCOUNT PRICES!

Monroe Steering Stabilizer

The Monro-Magnum® steering stabilizer stops vibration before it gets to the driver. It is ideally suited for trucks, vans, and 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Monro-Magnum steering stabilizers increase control under all driving conditions by reducing steering shimmy and driver fatigue. Additionally, they can reduce tire wear and protect front-end components from premature wear.
magnum steering stablilizer
1. Full Displaced Valving: Better valving range on both the compression and extension cycles of the unit for a smooth comfortable ride.
2. All Weather Fluid: Contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction.
3. Sintered Iron Piston: Stronger than traditional metals, enhances durability for long service life.
4. 1/2" Piston Rod: Heavy-duty nitrocarburized rod for long service life.
5. Micro-Cellular Gas Design: Allows unit to be mounted horizontally.
6. Special Seal: "Self-lubricating" fluid seal designed to retain gas without excessive wear or friction.

Max Lift Gas Charged Lift Support

Millions of vehicle owners rely on gas charged lift supports to lift and hold open trunks, hatches, hoods, and even glove boxes. When these fail, they must be replaced to restore convenience and safety. Max-Lift® gas charged lift supports are an exact replacement for worn original units.

1. Nitro-Carburized Rod for exceptional corrosion resistance and durability.max lift gas charged lift supports
2. Durable Plastic Rod Guide reduces potential rod abrasion.
3. Main Seal provides positive closure for high-pressure gas.
4. Stop Collar and Limiting Groove assure precise extended length.
5. High-Strength Piston Assembly with Leak-Proof Seal helps prevent fluid leakage around the piston, allowing the fluid to pass efficiently through the piston valving components, providing controlled lift and consistent performance.
6. Steel Body Pressure Cylinder is manufactured for durability and corrosion resistance.

Strut Mate Mounting Kits

Monroe® Strut-Mate® mounting kits are direct fit replacements designed to complement the ride control characteristics of Monroe struts. In addition, our full line will provide you with late model original equipment coverage. strut mount kit

When doing strut replacements, it is important to do the complete job. This means not only replacing the struts but also inspecting and replacing worn strut mounts. Remember, worn strut mounts can adversely affect a vehicle's safety and handling.

Not only are strut mounts a necessary component of the suspension system, they consist of rubber to metal bonded parts that wear out over time as well. Worn bearings may also cause noise, steering binding, vibration and vehicle pull.

Strut Mate Boot Kits

Heavy-duty construction and unique design features make the Monroe® Strut-Mate® boot kit the quality choice for maximum rod protection and improved strut life.
strut boot kit
Damaged boots may not protect the rod finish. A pitted piston rod can lead to premature strut failure. Deteriorated OE bumpers may not offer adequate protection from severe suspension movement, leading to premature strut failure

1. Tie-Strap: Secures new boot to strut housing.
2. Self Draining Design: Eliminates retention of moisture and other unwanted contaminants.
3. Boot: Provides rod protection from rust and corrosion enhancing service life.
4. Unique Boot Bumper Attachment Method: Simplifies installation.
5. Soft Entry Jounce Bumper: Constructed of highest quality closed cell micro-cellular urethane for maximum durability, helps prevent severe impacts.

Monroe Conversion Kits

The Monroe® Air Ride Conversion Kit was designed to replace the air suspension used in 19monroe conversion kits88 to 1994 Lincoln Continentals. Monroe engineers developed a coil spring replacement for the air spring used in the original OEM suspension system. Combined with brackets built for the Lincoln Continental and application-specific valving, the retrofit kit is a direct replacement option.

This retrofit is designed to replace all four air struts and is fully engineered to be a complete conversion of the suspension structure. Since it's a mechanical system, the Monroe retrofit package will not interfere with the vehicle's electrical system.



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Catalytic Converter

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Catalytic Converter
Catalytic Converters dramatically reduce harmful exhaust emissions

Catalytic Converter
Catalytic converters typically consist of a ceramic or metal honeycombed monolith substrate that carries precious metal catalysts.