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The rise of ecommerce on the Internet has allowed shoppers to easily compare products from different companies and many times obtain the best price. This is a good thing! However bear in mind, “Sometimes the Best Price is not always the Best Deal!”

One should never lose sight of the quality of a product as well as with whom they are doing business. A fancy web site does not necessarily translate into a quality product or knowledgeable people to answer your questions. How many times have you tried to buy something online, called for some information and ended up talking to a person where you knew more about what you wanted than he did? We have all encountered this, it is frustrating but more important, when parts for your car are involved it could turn into a mistake and you then receiving the wrong part!

Many web business’s contract sales firms off shore, so you might end up with a sales person who doesn’t know a catalytic converter from a Cadillac convertible, or worst you call for information, the phone rings and  you get that irritating recording telling you to leave a number and someone will return your call…or maybe the classic response, “please press 1”, then “please press 2”, then “please press 3” which brings you back to “please press 1”!  We’ve all encountered this and it does not give us much confidence or that warm fuzzy feeling. 

Another issue a converter buyer should be aware of…some sites selling converters practice the old bait and switch. You go to a site and find the converter for your vehicle. Price is great and the picture looks exactly like what’s on your car and to boot FREE SHIPPING….life is good! You place the order but when the cat arrives it doesn’t quite look like the picture, in fact the unit looks pretty rough and what’s worse when installed the darn thing doesn’t fit or you have the same problem you initially started with!

Here’s what happened…some unscrupulous web businesses today are actually trying to make the converter assembly themselves. They use a pipe bender, some straight tubing, universal converters and create some jack leg copy of the original. Sure they show you a fancy picture, that usually came from a catalog of a large converter manufacturer. They make you believe that is the converter you’ll receive, when in reality what you do get is some bad knock off they made in their own shop. Sure the price was cheap and the shipping was free, because by using universal inferior parts there profit margin is huge.  The unknowing customer thinks he’s getting a real deal when actually just a cheap knock off and not just a knock off but a bad knock off!  One that could damage your engine and will never do the job it was designed for. Just because a company has a big, fancy web site and their prices are unbelievably low, just remember the Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor” “Let the Buyer Beware”. At Discount Converter, Ltd. we may not always have cheapest price but rest assured our converters are the largest catalytic converter manufacturers in the USA.  Also at Discount Converter, Ltd “What You See” is always “What You Will Get.”

A catalytic converter is like the heart of a vehicles emission system and just as in a person, heart problems may be caused by other things.  Many shops today, due mostly to lack of knowledge, will diagnose a check engine light or an emissions problem by first blaming the poor catalytic converter. In actuality the problem could be something else that makes it look as if the converter is bad.  So without further diagnosis the converter gets replaced anyway, the problem is not fixed and all at the customers expense.  Installing a new converter may solve the problem temporarily, but without fixing the root problem you can be assured it will return and this problem could destroy your new converter!

We at Discount Converter, Ltd are exhaust and emissions experts.  Our sales staff have over 70 years combined experience in the exhaust field alone and our company has been in business since 1954.  We have been serving customers on the net since 1997.  So when shopping for a converter price should be a concern but also should be getting the right part and the correct fix for your vehicles problem.  No one likes to pay for something they may not need!

So when you have difficulty getting answers to your questions or the person on the other end of the phone can’t figure out which side of the car the steering wheel is on, Give Us A Call! Ask for Fred, Mark, Mike, or Kent, we will always answer the phone and are happy to give you honest and intelligent advice in plain english.  We at Discount Converter do not believe in selling parts that won’t fix the problem, this is bad for a companies credibility and especially not good for their customers. We know emissions and can usually determine after a short discussion with you or your mechanic whether a converter is actually needed or from the same conversation may help diagnose the real problem.

Corny as it may sound we still value a satisfied customer and there is little satisfaction in buying something you never needed in the first place.  We have very competitive prices and fast service, but more than that we know what the heck we are talking about and stand ready to answer all your questions.  Price is important but there is so much more in shopping for a converter! Thanks for taking time to read this and hope it will help you in your shopping.  If you have any questions please give us a call at 888-651-0770, we will be happy to talk with you!


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