Catalytic Converters

125 new direct fit catalytic converter part numbers manufactured by Catco. News

Discount Converter is pleased to announce over 125 new direct fit catalytic converter part numbers.

With the addition of these part numbers it positions Discount Converter to supply units that are not available anywhere else on the web.  All units are EPA approved and all carry full factory warranties.  These direct fit catalytic converters are are for late model vehicles both domestic and import.  Discount Converter has direct fit catalytic converters for almost every vehicle on the road.  Discount Converter carries an extensive inventory of cats for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford Trucks, Chevrolet Trucks just to name a few.  These catalytic converters are all construted of stainless steel

and all have ceramic substrates.  The warranty on all these units is the same as all converters sold by Discount Converter, Ltd., 25,000 miles on the substate of the catalytic converter and 5 years or 50,000 miles on all the stainless steel parts of the catalytic converter.


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